Regular and punctual attendance is key to our pupils' success, and we regard this as being of the utmost importance, setting ourselves challenging attendance targets (in excess of 96.5%) in relation to the attaining of which we value the support of our parents.  We do, of course, appreciate that there will be the odd occasion when a pupil is unable to be present due to illness, and that there will sometimes be other circumstances which necessitate a pupil's absence.  What we would ask, however, is that parents keep us informed, and that they also monitor their children's ongoing attendance record.  We are always happy to discuss any concerns, and to offer the support of our in-school Pastoral Support Worker in appropriate circumstances. 

If your child's attendance percentage falls below 96% you can expect to receive a letter drawing to your attention the impact in terms of missed learning, and asking whether there is an underlying reason of which the school is not aware, and whether the school can help in any way.  If your child's attendance percentage falls further, you may be invited into school for a discussion with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

A letter will also be sent in the event that your child is repeatedly late for school, as this can be disruptive to both the individual pupil's learning, and to the learning of his/her class.

Interestingly, whilst an overall attendance percentage of 90% might, at first glance, appear reasonably good, over the course of a year this in fact equates to 4 whole weeks of missed lessons!    Indeed, the Department for Education classifies pupils whose attendance is below 90% as persistent absentees.  Friendships can also suffer.