Welcome to St Peter's Junior School

A warm welcome awaits you at St Peter’s Junior School!  

I am delighted to lead an aspirational and nurturing team, who deliver a knowledge based curriculum that serves the children of our diverse community well on their learning journey. We enrich our learning experiences with visitors, theatre companies, trips and community events. St Peter’s has an established Forest School and Thrive approach that is woven into every child’s wider opportunities. 

Our Christian ethos and values reach out beyond the classroom, extending to all our children, staff and families. St Peter was said to be the ‘rock that the church was built on,’ and we aim to make our school the rock where all the needs of our children are met- academically and socially, so they may thrive. 

 I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher and believe that by embodying our values of positivity, perseverancepassion and presence- together we can ensure our children receive the best opportunities to succeed.

Mrs Gemma Brown


What our parents have said about our school: 
 'I believe totally that St Peter's was the right choice for xxxx, the staff have been instrumental in xxxx settling in, but also the attitude and supportive nature and ethos of the school has been a very important factor. I congratulate you on creating this environment and thank you from our family. Your attitude towards providing a safe environment for xxxx and also an environment which engages with us as parents is definitely on the right track. I have many opinions about our education system, which perhaps you may hear one day, but if we can learn to embrace neurodiversity it can only improve the educational system for everyone. You deserve the credit, I believe you are on the right track.'
'All staff have done a brilliant job very sad that I won't be having anymore children attend St Peter's'