School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is welcomed by most parents since it is a relatively cheap way of dressing their child for school.
It also gives each child a sense of belonging to our establishment and we ask that children who represent our school in any outside activity present themselves in uniform.

We strongly discourage jeans or any clothes with a designer logo or large motif on them. We would expect all children to be appropriately dressed at all times, for example high heeled shoes and cropped tops are not appropriate.
School Uniform Shop - 
Boys Girls
White or light blue shirt White or light blue blouse
Black/grey trousers
Black/grey/ shorts can be worn in the summer
Black/grey skirt or trousers
Small blue check gingham dress or plain black/grey shorts can be worn in the summer

School sweatshirt available from School Office

Sensible black or brown shoes (sensible heels)
PE Kit
The PE kit is black or navy shorts or skirt and a white T shirt.It is expected that all children will be appropriately dressed for PE activities. During the colder months children are required to have jogging bottoms and a warm sweatshirt which can be worn over their normal P.E kit. They will also need
indoor and outdoor shoes and a change of socks.
Children are responsible for looking after their own belongings. To enable them to find lost clothing, it is helpful if all articles are clearly named and kept in a kit bag. Kit bags may be purchased from the school office.