Pupil Voice

It’s an often used, though certainly valid, truth that the children are our future: 
They are the yet-to-be adults, citizens and parents but, often, for all their youth and innocence, there’s a lot we can learn from them.

What better way to give a true picture of life here at St. Peter’s than for the children to describe it in their own words…
St. Peter’s is where your child should go.
It has fabulous teachers and teaching assistants. This school is where every child matters. We have lots of play equipment, even an ocean climbing wall.
Usually break time is 10.45a.m. to 11.00a.m. At break time your child can bring in some fruit for a little snack. Also, when your child is hot or wants to chill for a minute, we have places where they can sit.
Your child will have lots of fun.
This school is so lucky because we have a whole library full of great books for all ages. In the library there are books about anything you can think of! There are geography books, history books, fantasy books and lots more. We would never have had a brilliant library without the people that put their money in.

The school is the best school in Wisbech! Do you want
your child to be happy? Of course you do! St. Peter’s is a great loving and caring school. I could never wish for a better one. This is where your child definitely should go.

They will be as happy as sunshine.
Olivia | Year 4 pupil
St. Peter’s school is the school for your child because we have a variety of play equipment which makes break times the best ever.

Our education is the best because we have word banks to help us with some of our spelling. If your child struggles with writing, they can use a pencil grip.
We have one of the best libraries full amazing books for all types of reading.
The children feel super safe because we have a tall fence around our school.
The teachers are the best because they make our lessons fun and sometimes fascinating. We sometimes do drama and role play. They are fantastic.

If your son or daughter has problems with the sun then we have shaded areas to protect their heads so they don’t get sun stroke.

Ebony-Honey | Year 4 pupil
This school is a wonderful place to be.
Your child will get the education he or she needs. This amazing school has a gigantic library full of a massive variety of books.

We also have loads of clubs such as cricket, athletics, football and country dancing. We even have our own school football team that plays other schools.

At our school we have special rewards such as Quackers for the class with the most attendance. We have a golden book for the best person that has done good work in class, and there is a rule of the week. There will be a certain rule and whoever follows the rule for the whole week gets mentioned in assembly on Friday.

This school is a safe and appropriate school to be in and in this school we have our own school uniform.
All the children, teachers and TAs are all very kind and helpful to each other.
Dillon | Year 4 pupil
St. Peter’s school is where you should take your child.
It is a safe place to be.
The lessons here are very fun and it helps you remember what happened in the class. All the teachers explain the work really clearly.

The coaching here is really good. Your child will be quite fit. Every Tuesday we do P.E. and it is very fun. Your child will feel safe in this school. So why don’t bring your child here now!

The clubs at this school are really good. You can do
athletics, cornet and country dancing. All the clubs are very fun. Some of them are free but some others you might have to pay for. If you have to pay it is well worth it.

Poppy | Year 4 pupil