Pupil Voice

It’s an often used, though certainly valid, truth that the children are our future: 
They are the yet-to-be adults, citizens and parents but, often, for all their youth and innocence, there’s a lot we can learn from them.

What better way to give a true picture of life here at St. Peter’s than for the children to describe it in their own words…

School council questionnaire   July 2019




Do you think we are a healthy school?     



Do we use and care for our environment well?  



Is learning fun at our school?     



Do you think problems in the playground are dealt with fairly?  



Do you feel safe and secure at school?                  



Do you have an adult you can trust and talk to?   




Positive comments about the school:

Nice and lovely teachers

One of a kind

Fun learning

Teachers solve a lot of problems

You can make good friends

The school is great you can do a lot of great learning

School is a safe place

I come into school smiling because I feel safe.

I always have an adult to talk to.

There’s lots to do at wet play.

I always have something new I have learned to tell my family.

The education is fun and sometimes funny.

I come in with a smile because I know I will be safe with my friends and teachers.

Kind-hearted teachers, awesome school

Teachers teach in best way possible

New Chrome books

Good school

The schools listens to you and sorts out your problems.

Happy school!


Bright, happy, peaceful.

School Monitors

As part of our commitment to teaching our children about British values, responsibility and to prepare them for their futures, we have various different monitoring groups across the school.

The children apply and are democratically elected to be a member of the particular monitoring group specific to their year group.

Events decided by the school council throughout the year are led by the children, supported by different members of staff.

Year 3 - Ecowarriors, school council, worship council

Year 4 - Reading Ambassadors, school council, worship council

Year 5 - Travel ambassadors, school council, worship council

Year 6 - School council, Digital leaders, chair monitors, worship council, house captains