Welcome: Aims & Ethos

We believe that every child matters.
St Peter's Church of England Junior School provides an enjoyable, high quality education in a well-ordered, secure and stimulating environment, reflecting a Christian ethos. Every child's contribution is valued and their intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical skills developed.
We strive to create a happy and safe environment in which children can thrive and learn to care and support each other. Our school grounds provide us with a rich resource to enhance outdoor learning and play and I relish developing their use in supporting work across the curriculum. It really is a case of, “Opening Doors to Learning and Opportunity”. We encourage parents and carers to become fully involved in school life and extend a warm welcome to you as members of the school community. We have many social functions and an active school association entitled Friends of St. Peter’s (FOSPs) which is a phenomenal fund raiser!
Quality in Teaching and Learning: 
We will provide a carefully planned education implementing and enriching the National Curriculum. In pursuit of excellence, we will require the children to apply themselves to their work and enable them to develop as confident, competent and self-disciplined learners. We will support all our children,
whatever their abilities, and promote a sense of achievement in work well done.
Quality in Relationships and Lifestyle:
We will work together as a community, maintaining high standards of positive behaviour, promoting good manners, respect for one another, tolerance and cooperation. We place an emphasis on awareness of the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Promote positive values:
We value children as individuals. At St. Peter’s we believe in encouraging Christian values through a daily act of worship, as well as increasing understanding of other religions.
The Local Community:
Our school is an open school where we welcome discussion about our children, their progress and well being. We will work to develop an effective partnership between staff and parents. We will communicate our values to the wider community by explaining what we stand for and why.
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