Our Governing Body

All governors are appointed by the DMAT Academy.
Name Date of Appointment  Date of Resignation
Amy Harvey (Head of School) 1st Sept 2018  
Ex-Officio     Rev Allan Landall (vice - Chair) 1st Nov 2014  
Foundation DBE Anthony Peppercorn (Chair) 1st Nov 2014  
Foundation AS Gill Peppercorn 1st Nov 2014  
Foundation AS Christine Newman 1st Apr 2016  
Foundation St. Peters Vacancy    
Foundation DBE  Vacancy    
Staff (support) Mel Prendergast 1st Nov 2014  
Staff (teaching) Emma Ball-Rye 1st Sept 2018  
Parent Emma Barnard 1st Sept 2018  
Clerk Natalie Drewery 4th Sept 2017  

Declaration of Pecuniary Interests:

Anthony Peppercorn is a trustee of the Wisbech Charities Trust which donates money to the governor’s fund.

Anthony Peppercorn and Gill Peppercorn are married.

Chair of Governors address: School address