WanDA the Wonder Bus

13th May 2016

Library Bus: Those who are observant will have noticed that we have a new feature on the playground! We have been trying for some time to get a double-decker bus in the school, to fit out as our library. This will free up some space in the school as we have been very short of spaces for group work etc. It will also provide a very exciting, creative space where children can relish their reading. This bus started service in 1978 in Birmingham and was nicknamed ‘WanDA’ because of the registration. What a lovely way to find a new purpose for her! I’m quite sure that many children will find inspiration reading and writing about the journeys she might have made.

We already have some offers of help and support from within the community, but we would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they may be able to offer practical or other help to get the bus ready! In particular we need carpentry and plumbing/electrical skills. We would also like help designing and decorating the interior, and would appreciate any contacts who might be able to help us with carpeting the floors.

We hope to have some input from art students, working with our children, to design and produce the outside artwork. In the fullness of time, we would like the area around the bus to be a ‘Reading Café’, complete with tables and chairs, where children and parents can enjoy reading, and where we can provide support and training, including for parents. We know there are already a number of other schools very interested in hearing about what we are doing.

While there is still a lot to do to make it into the wonderful library we envisage, this is an amazing opportunity and one which makes St Peter’s unique in Wisbech. We look forward to seeing how it develops and the impact it has on children’s enjoyment of reading.