On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to offer you a warm welcome to St. Peter's Church of England Junior School.

We aim to create an environment where our teachers want to teach and our children want to learn.

The school is very well led by Miss Amy Harvey who is supported by a strong team who are professional, well-motivated and committed to improvement, offer support and care whilst challenging each individual to achieve well beyond their expectations.

St. Peter’s is an exciting place to be and has grown from strength to strength recently. This has been reflected in the Ofsted report (October 2017) which states that:

 Where teaching and learning is good, staff have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and pupils are fully engaged, interested and suitably challenged by their work. In these instances, pupils show enthusiasm for learning and so make better progress.

Most recently, the more accurate identification of pupils who have special educational needs and/ or disabilities is enabling staff to target individuals and groups of pupils for additional support in lessons or small groups. Pupils’ current books demonstrate that this focused work is resulting in better progress in reading, writing and mathematics.

Throughout the school, a culture of reading is well promoted. Pupils are encouraged to read regularly. During guided reading sessions, appropriately planned tasks help pupils to develop their comprehension and grammar skills.

The management of staff performance is fully in place. Systems ensure that all staff regularly review their progress towards achieving the targets set. Teachers are held accountable for how well their pupils achieve

Pupils fully trust adults in the school to deal with concerns quickly and effectively. They said that all staff sort out problems and if there are any issues, they believe that adults’ actions will prioritise their safety and well-being. The school’s records are detailed and demonstrate that incidents relating to behaviour are appropriately dealt with.

The school is working towards a Mental Health Award, and the nurture team is strong and proud of its therapeutic focus.

St. Peter’s has a strong and committed Governing Body, which fulfills its role through meetings and committees. The Governors support the school by helping develop strategic planning and policy development and aims to be a “critical friend” to challenge and encourage accountability for overall performance.

I share with my fellow Governors a great deal of pride in the school’s many achievements and look forward to many exciting years for St. Peter’s.

The Governors are also proud that St. Peter’s has a clearly defined Christian ethos and we shall endeavour to encourage Christian standards and understanding in all our pupils.

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