Curriculum Overview

St. Peter’s C of E Junior School Curriculum Statement


At St. Peter’s we want our children to develop a passion for learning, curiosity in the world around them, local and global awareness, and life skills. We deliver this by embedding our four values; positivity, perseverance, passion and presence, across the whole school day. We believe children learn best with a holistic experience to learning, our cultural capital starts with the basis of our community all supporting the rounded education of the children we serve.


Our day includes bagels for all children, opportunities for outdoor learning through Forest Schools and in our garden; mindfulness and mental health; a development of collaborative ICT skills through Google Classroom; exciting extra-curricular activities; and high quality core subject teaching. Across the year we take part in Wisbech schools events, Wisbech Grammar School sports events, participate in the Wisbech Rose Fair, offer ‘Food In School Holidays’ and take part in Trust and Diocesan events.


Our broader curriculum is based on the National Curriculum but bespoke for our school. We have designed our long term plans around the idea of radiating from within our local area to global knowledge and understanding. Within our termly plans we try to work in a cross-curricular fashion, inevitably some areas of learning will be taught in a discreet fashion.


Term 1 is focused on People – a history based term with links to famous peoples across the centuries, who have changed the world.

Term 2 is focused on Places – a geographical based term primarily looking at human and physical aspects of the world around us.

Term 3 is focused on Puzzles – in this term the children will be doing co-operative problem solving, enterprise, world issues, life skills and current affairs.


Read our policy below for more information.


For more information on the National Curriculum click here.